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It’s about people! Lost to found, broken to healed, sick to healthy, angry to joyful, selfish to generous, needy to helpful. We need space to bless more people coming to Harvest! A convenient, dedicated space for all of our children’s ministries, a safe environment, larger foyer for people to fellowship and enjoy conversation, and an inviting facility for those who want to worship our Lord and Savior. This plan will increase the available space for ministry across the entire facility.



Our plan is broken up into two phases. Our initial phase looks to; renovate our kids area, relocate office space to the second floor, build approximately 40% of total new lobby, make minimal adjustments to the site parking lot, and target a $2.5M budget.

Our second phase aims to; expand our Sanctuary to add new seating, a new worship area, and install new audio, video and lighting. In addition, we endeavor to finish the remaining lobby and cafe space, update the “story tell” facility, add more parking spaces, and target a $4.5M budget.


We want everyone at Harvest participating to help reach our community and fund this new opportunity.


Our goal is simple

We want to raise 80% of Phase One estimated cost before starting construction planning in order to begin Phase One use DEBT FREE!

We have reached 34%

of the Phase One estimate already!!!

If you wish to give to this project please note "beyond" on the donation

2018 Harvest Beyond